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DSC Has 23 Daily Challenges For You!

March 20, 2020

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District Student Council wants you to stay connected to your school community! Show your school spirit by posting your participation to social media with #SD23challenge and tag three others you'd like to see participate! 

Follow @districtstudentcouncil23 on Instagram for regular updates on the daily challenges: 

Day 1 - Get in touch with 3 people you haven't talked to in a while.

Day 2 - Let's get moving! Show us your favourite style of exercise.

Day 3 - Show us what you're working on for school from home.

Day 4 - share a song that means something to you.

Day 5 - Spirit day! Share a picture of  a crazy clothing combo.

Day 6 - Share an interesting fact from a documentary.

Day 7 - Spend an hour unplugged and share what you did with that hour.

Day 8 - Do yoga! Try your own routine or join an online class. Many are available online, for instance @hotboxyoga does daily yoga on Instagram at 10 a.m.

Day 9 - Share your most recent artistic creation.

Day 10 - Participate in "Together We Dance" at 9:23 am by tuning into a local radio station and getting your groove on.

Day 11 - Crazy Sock Day! Post you in your craziest socks.

Day 12 - Create a study space outside.

Day 13 - Participate in our nature photo scavenger hunt! Find our list on @districtstudentcouncil23 today.

Day 14 - Try a foundry breathing exercise! Visit our Instagram page for a suggestion.

Day 15 - Cook something for yourself or your family.

Day 16 - Tik tok challenge! See @districtstudentcouncil23 for a fun tik tok challenge.

Day 17 - Post an encouraging foreign word and it's definition.

Day 18 - Get cozy for PJ day!

Day 19 - Show off your pet, tell us a bit about your furry friend on your story.

Day 20 - Demonstrate a favourite hobby! Give a cooking demonstration, a biking video, shooting hoops in the driveway, whatever interests you.

Day 21 - Game on! Play your favourite game and take pictures or video. Board, card, online, made up, we love them all.

Day 22 - Visit FoundryBC and try one of their tips for better mental health.

Day 23 - Together We Learn, wear blue and white to symbolize SD23 and share your favourite way to learn new things!