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School bus transportation is provided for eligible students enrolled at their catchment school within Central Okanagan Public School District. The district has set eligibility limits based on distance from the student's catchment school. 


Eligibility Criteria

Elementary School Students:
Who live 4.0 km or beyond from their catchment area school (based on shortest actual driving distance) are eligible for transportation.

Middle and High School Students:
Who live 4.8 km or beyond from their catchment area school (based on the shortest actual driving distance) are eligible for transportation. .

Students with Special Education Needs:
By arrangement with Student Support Services through their resource teacher.

Catchment School

Is the closest school that services the students' grade and is usually located in the same geographical area, as the student resides. School catchment boundaries are set by the Board and outlined in Policy 475 – TRANSPORTATION: AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITY


Ineligible Students:

Students who are less than the above noted distances are not eligible for school bus transportation and considered "courtesy riders". Courtesy riders may be registered for school bus transportation to their catchment school, provided:

  1. there is seat space available on the school bus, and
  2. the student meets the bus at an existing bus stop

School bus registrations for courtesy riders are not processed until August of each year.

Student assignment to the bus route is prioritized based on distance from the school, courtesy riders who reside farthest from the school will be the first to be assigned a seat on the bus route.




Students residing at more than one residence

School bus transportation will be provided to and from one address. A school bus registration request for a second trip may be submitted however, these trips will only be assigned to students provided;

  1. there is seat space available on the school bus, and
  2. the student meets the bus at an existing stop

 Note: Students registered on a second bus for transportation to an alternate address are required to purchase a second pass.

Unregistered or Guest Riders

To ensure safety of all, students who are not registered on the bus route will not be permitted to ride. 

Parents may request permission for a guest rider from their child's bus driver or by contacting the transportation office. Requests for guest riders will only be approved if there is seat space available on the school bus.

To register your child for the school bus Click Here