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Route Delays and Cancellations


Although we do our best to ensure bus routes operate on schedule, situations arise on a daily basis which may contribute to delays or in rare circumstance, the cancellation of a bus route. Central Okanagan Public Schools may be required to temporarily cancel bus routes due to a lack of available drivers, inclement weather or the functional closure of the school that the route services.

Delayed or Cancelled Bus Route procedures

  1. Cancelled bus routes and delays of 10 minutes or more, will be posted on The School Bus Stop website.
  2. Parents or caregivers must subscribe at The School Bus Stop in order to receive email and/or text alerts regarding their child's school bus route.
  3. When a bus route delay or cancellation is posted on The School Bus Stop, a text and/or email alert will be sent to parents that have subscribed to that route.
  4. Should a bus route be cancelled and there are students on the bus already, these students will be delivered to their attending school.
  5. If the attending school is not appropriate to receive students (e.g. power outage, gas leak, other emergency) an alternate school will be determined and parents will be informed of details and next steps for their child when they receive the alert.
  6. A bus route may be cancelled for the morning or the entire day.
  7. Parents should develop a safety plan and ensure their children understand what to do if the school bus is late or does not arrive at the bus stop.

For more information or to sign up to receive alerts from The School Bus Stop, click here: School Bus Stop​

Family Safety Plan

  1. Teach your child traffic safety rules and whether driving or walking, practice and establish a safe route for them to get to and from the bus stop.
  2. Discuss the bus rider rules and how to be safe at the bus stop while waiting for the school bus to arrive.
  3. Explain that the bus may be delayed and they may have to wait up to 10 minutes for the bus to arrive.
  4. Have a safe location for your child to return to (home or a neighbor's), in the event the school bus does not arrive after 10 minutes or is cancelled.
  5. Provide contact information for Transportation at 250.870.5151 or provide an alternate contact for your child to call in an emergency.


For bus rider rules and school bus safety information for students click here: School Bus Safety​



Flashing Red Lights Mean STOP

(This includes at our schools and in our bus lanes)

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility