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The School District has set eligibility limits based on the transportation boundaries and are as follows:
Kindergarten to Gr. 3 Students:
Who live beyond 4.0 km from their catchment area school (based on shortest actual driving or walking distance).

Gr.4 to Gr. 12 Students:
Who live beyond 4.8 km from their catchment area school (based on the shortest actual driving or walking distance).

Students with Special Education Needs:
By arrangement with Student Support Services through their resource teacher.
Stop Finder provides information on eligibility for most addresses in the Central Okanagan.

Students Living With Parents or Caregivers in More Than One Home

One address will be accepted for eligibility purposes.  

Courtesy Riders

Additional students may be registered as courtesy riders on a bus run provided there is space.  Courtesy riders will be given 1 week's notice by the driver if their seats are required for additional eligible riders.

Unregistered Riders

All riders must be registered as eligible or courtesy riders.  Rides are not available to students who are not registered on the bus manifest as regular or courtesy riders. This includes friends and relatives of registered riders and children travelling to after school care providers. Parents are responsible for making other transportation arrangements for children who are not registered as riders.  To request registration, please click here.


In order to ensure as easy as possible transition into the new school year, we advise the following:
Student StatusNotes
Current 2017/18 Registered eligible School Bus Riders who will be returning to the same school in Sept 2018

Applies to eligible students currently registered and riding on a SD No. 23 school bus (as of April 1, 2018)
Assuming Transportation has been kept up to date with your email address, you will receive an email (by May 19th).  If you pay before the June 30th deadline, a discount of at least $25 per child will be applied.  This will be contingent on you paying the Student Transportation charge before June 30th and thereby confirming the student’s seat on the school bus for next year. Should you not have received an email by May 25, and feel you are in this category, please click the apply button to make an application

New Eligible student, or an Eligible student transitioning to a new school.

Applies to any eligible student who currently is not registered on a bus, or a student that is going to a different school in September 2018
You need to complete a 2018/19 school bus transportation request electronic form that can be found on this website after 12th May and submit for approval.  Once approved, the parent will receive a Payment Instruction email and can proceed to make payment of the Student Transportation charge before June 30th to confirm a seat on the bus for September and take advantage of the $25 (or more) per student discount.  Should you not have received confirmation within 10 working days (and you are an eligible student), please call or email the Transportation department directly at the number listed below.

New Courtesy Riders

Students who reside within the transportation eligibility limits who are not currently riding a SD No. 23 school bus, but wish to be considered on a wait list for any available seats in the 2018/19 school year.
You must electronically fill in the school bus transportation request form found on this website after 12th May and submit to the Transportation Department.  New courtesy ridership will be assessed based on availability of seating and then prioritized by distance from school.  New courtesy riders will be notified by the Transportation office as soon as possible if there are any seats available and given a Payment Instruction email following the outline in the Payment section. If no seat has been assigned, you will need to arrange alternative transportation and do not show up for bus transportation on the 1st day of school.

French Immersion Students
Transportation is only provided to students attending their neighbourhood school.  If your neighbourhood school is the French Immersion School, please follow the guidelines for the applicable item above.

To ensure fairness in service delivery, SD No. 23 staff verifies student addresses before the final bus ridership lists are confirmed. Unfortunately, students that do not qualify as “Eligible” or furthest distance “Courtesy” (when seating available) will not be provided with a bus pass for service on regularly scheduled SD No. 23 school buses. ​​​​​​