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Whistle Blower Service
​​The Board of Education is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity and accountability. The Board also has a responsibility for the stewardship of District resources and the public support that enables it to pursue its Mission.  In September of 2009 the Board of Education approved Policy 208 – Confidential Disclosure: Reporting and Investigating Allegations of Financial Irregularity.  On February 26, 2020 the Board of Education approved amendments to Policy 208 to include criminal activity.  The Policy name was amended to: Confidential Disclosure: Reporting and Investigating Allegations of Financial Irregularity or Criminal Activity.  

Should anyone have concerns regarding an incident of financial misconduct or criminal activity, a report may be made to a supervisor, the Superintendent of Schools/CEO, another senior member of District staff, a School Trustee, or to the RCMP if considered a criminal act.  In addition, a confidential, anonymous report concerning suspected financial impropriety or criminal activity may be made through our independent third party Whistleblower Service.

Financial misconduct would include:

    • manipulation of accounting records and finances;
    • inappropriate use of District assets or funds;
    • decision making for personal gain;
    • financial fraud and deceit;
    • serious breaches of District procedure which may financially advantage a particular party;
    • criminal activity.

To make a report, you may contact Robert E. Groves Legal Services at 250-712-9363, or in writing, marked ‘confidential’, and addressed to Robert E. Groves Legal Services, #210 – 347 Leon Avenue, Kelowna, B.C., V1Y 8C7.  The report should contain particulars of the alleged improper activity and the name and affiliation of each person involved.