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​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enrollment for September 2024 will be posted in December.  It is approximately Monday, January 29, 2024 or later.

Step 1: Find Your Catchment School

Click Here to find your catchment school


Step 2: Watch the Enrollment Application video tutorial 


Step 3: Complete an Enrollment Application β€‹

Click here to complete an enrollment application for your student​​​​​​​​

​Enrollment Information for Students New to the School District

SD23 Student Placement Policy and Regulations

Board Student Placement Regulation 405R will determine a student's school placement priority until the closure of the student enrollment period on Thursday, August 31, 2023 at 3:30 pm. After this date, student enrollment is governed by policy and regulations set out in the School Act.

Please note, parents of children who apply for enrollment to schools that are outside of their designated school catchment area may not be notified until Friday, September 1, 2023, after the summer enrollment period is over and all in-catchment area students have been placed.

The enrollment application advertisement to enroll students to attend school for September can be viewed here:

​Registration Ad 2023-2024.pdf​


Qualifying age

To qualify for school enrollment, a child must reach the age of five years of age prior to December 31st of the year of attendance as per Section 3 of the School Act.pdf. There are no exceptions for earlier admission.

Qualifying Age FAQ.pdfQualifying Age FAQ.pdf


Required documentation

The following must be provided to the school after completion of the Student Enrollment Application:

1.  Student's Birth Certificate or other government issued proof of age and citizenship.

2. Proof of Parent/Guardian B.C. Residency 

a.  Combination BC Driver's License and Services Card (copy of both sides); or,

b.  BC Services Card (copy of both sides) and one item from the list of supporting documentation that follows; or,

c.  Proof of application for BC Medical Services Plan and one item from the list of supporting documentation that follows.

​​3. Proof of Parent/Guardian Living Address/Supporting Documentation 
  • Ownership of a dwelling or long-term lease or rental of a dwelling;
  • Documentation indicating British Columbia residence (i.e. utility bill);
  • British Columbia registration of an automobile;
  • British Columbia Driver's License (copy of both sides); or,
  • A current income tax return filed as a British Columbia resident.
​​Other legal documentation such as landed immigrant/permanent resident card or documents issued by Immigration Canada must be processed through our International Education office prior to registering at a school.  

Deferred Enrollment

The School Act allows a parent to defer the enrollment of a Kindergarten child for not more than one year.  Parents are encouraged to discuss deferment with the school principal before a decision is made.​

Student School Placement Priorities

As per Board Policy 405R - Student Placement priorities shall be given to students on the following basis:
    • catchment or French Immersion catchment area students who, in the previous year, attended the school;
    • catchment or French Immersion catchment area students who, in the previous year, were β€˜placed’ by the district in a different school;
    • siblings of catchment or French Immersion catchment area students;
    • new catchment or French Immersion catchment area students;
    • siblings of non-catchment or non-French Immersion catchment area students currently enrolled in the school;
    • non-catchment area or non-French Immersion catchment area students who request to attend the school which is other than their catchment area school;
    • non-district area students;
    • international students.


All kindergarten students will enroll in the BC Ministry of Education Full Day Kindergarten Program.

School Health and Immunization Information

Below are links to Interior Health which may be of interest to parents:

Immunization - Infants and Children

Immunization - Children and Youth

School Health​

Alternative Programs

Central Programs and Services ( β€‹

Landed Immigrant/Permanent Resident/Work Visa/Refugee Status

All students who have landed immigrant/permanent resident status, refugee status, or parents with work visas will need to provide the required documentation to the Welcome Centre  in order to receive an enrollment code.  Applications for school can not be completed without this code.  Click the link to see the required documents.    Welcome Centre D​ocuments​

​Please contact the Welcome Centre at (250)470-3258 to book an appointment and provide documents.

International Students

All International Students are processed through School District No. 23’s International Education Office at Hollywood Road Education Services, 1040 Hollywood Road, (250) 470-3258.
For further information please visit the International Education Website.

Student of Non-Resident Parents

Students who are Canadian citizens, but whose parents are non-BC residents, must pay tuition in order to access an education program in B.C., including our School District.   There is a requirement that a formal Custodianship Agreement be established for students who are not living with their legal parent/guardian.  Please contact our International Education Department for further information at (250) 470-3258.

Online Programs

For families looking for online programs in Central Okanagan Public Schools, please visit the website of our district's online school (eSchool23):  

Home Schooling

In accordance with the B.C. School Act all children receiving their education at home MUST be registered by September 30th each school year (contact your local neighbourhood school to have your child registered). 

French Immersion

More information about the French Immersion program click HERE