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Central Okanagan Public Schools
SD No. 23
Together We Learn
District Student Council

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The goals of the District Student Council in Central Okanagan Public Schools are to:​

  1.  Create a connection between the students and the Board of Trustees
  2.  Bring questions, concerns and ideas to the Board
  3.  Advocate for the betterment of student life
  4.  Assume an active leadership role on behalf of students
  5.  Promote positive relationships and camaraderie between schools.


District Student Council :

Co-President Zachary Johnson:

Co-President Mehak Parihar:

Connect on Social Media:

Instagram: @districtstudentcouncil23 

Twitter: @DSCSD23​ 

​​​Mehak Parihar_SH_CP_Gr12 RSS.jpg
Mehak Parihar (she/her)
Co-President, Gr. 12, RSS
​Zach Johnson_HH_CP_Gr12_KSS.jpg
Zach Johnson (he/him)
Co-President, Gr. 12, KSS
​AmelyWolf_SH_Gr12 GESS.jpg
Amely Wolf
Gr. 12, GESS
​Bowen Tan_HH_Gr12 OKM.jpg
Bowen Tan (he/him)
Gr. 12, OKM
​Chloe Leyao_SH_Gr12 RSS.jpg
Chloe Leyao (she/her)
Gr. 12, RSS
​Jessie Beggs_SH_Grade 12 MBSS.jpg
Jessie Beggs (she/her)
Gr. 12, MBSS
​Quin Macauley_HH_Gr12 KSS.jpg
Quin Macauley (he/him)
Gr. 12, KSS
​Cayden Jensen_HH_Gr11 GESS.jpg
Cayden Jensen (he/him)
Gr. 11, GESS
Hasan Mohammad_HH_Gr11 KSS.jpg
Hasan Mohammad (he/him)
Gr. 11, KSS​
Kori Lahue_SH_Gr11_MBSS.jpg
Kori Lahue (she/her)
Gr. 11, MBSS​
October Angell-Janfield_HH_Gr11_CEN.jpg
October Angell-Janfield (he/him)
Gr. 11, CEN​
Phoenix Filinger_SH_Gr11 KSS.jpg
Phoenix Filinger (she/her)
Gr. 11, KSS​
Ramneek Parihar_SH_Gr11 RSS.jpg
Ramneek Parihar (she/her)
Gr. 11, RSS​
Sarah Kovacs_SH_Gr11 OKM.jpg
Sarah Kovacs (she/her)
Gr. 11, OKM​
Winnie-Mingzhi Jiang_SH_Gr11 OKM.jpg
Winnie-Mingzhi Jiang (she/her)
Gr. 11, OKM​
Ava Parke_SH_Gr10 RSS.jpg
Ava Parke (she/her)
Gr. 10, RSS​
Mila Kresina_SH_Gr10 KSS.jpg
Mila Kresina (she/her)
Gr. 10, KSS​