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Together We Learn
Meeting Protocol
​Public input is welcomed by the Board.   

Formal Presentations to the Board must be arranged prior to Board meetings.

Question/Comment Periods

  • One fifteen-minute question/comment period is provided at every Board meeting, to provide an opportunity for ​members of the gallery to ask a question or comment on any Action item on the Agenda.    
  • There is one fifteen-minute period at each Board Committee meeting.  
  • The meeting Chairperson determines the time limit for each speaker.
  • Questions/comments should be directed to the Chairperson, who may refer to district staff.
  • Responses may be immediate, or deferred to a future meeting.
  • Individuals are asked to state their names and shall assume responsibility for all statements made.

Partner Group Representation

During Board debate, partner group representatives may comment on matters that impact their organizations. One designated representative may be heard from the following groups:

  • Central Okanagan Parent Advisory Council (COPAC)
  • Central Okanagan Principals'/Vice-Principals' Association (COPVPA)
  • Central Okanagan Teachers' Association (COTA)
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees 3523 (CUPE)
  • District Student Council (DSC)

Board meetings are governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.  

Additional information may be obtained from the Secretary-Treasurer's Office: 250 470-3216