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Board Representation – Committees

​Committees are set for ​​​November, 2023 to November, 2024.​

​​Board Standing Committees - 2023/2024:

  • General Affairs Committee
    Committee of the Whole
    Chair:  Trustee Fraser (Vice Chair)
    Senior Staff Member:   Superintendent of Schools/CEO – Kevin Kaardal
  • Coordinating Committee
    Board Chair and the Vice-Chair
    Senior Staff Members:  Superintendent of Schools/CEO – Kevin Kaardal 
    Secretary-Treasurer/CFO – Delta Carmichael
  • Education and Student Services Committee
    Chair: Trustee Guderyan
    Two Members:   Trustee Geistlinger, Trustee Johnson
    Senior Staff Member:   Deputy Superintendent – Terry-Lee Beaudry
    Note: The Chair of the Education and Student Services Committee also attends Education Committee Meetings of the BCSTA Branch (held the afternoons of Branch meetings).
  • Finance and Audit Committee
    Chair:  Trustee Broughton
    Two Members: Trustee Guderyan, Trustee Johnson
    Senior Staff Members:  Secretary-Treasurer/CFO – Delta Carmichael
    Assistant Secretary-Treasurer – Kate Cumming

  • Planning and Facilities Committee
    Chair:   Trustee Fraser
    Two Members:  Trustee Desrosiers, Trustee Broughton
    Senior Staff Member:   Director of Operations – Rob Drew

  • Policy Committee
    Chair: Trustee Geistlinger
    Two Members:  Trustee Fraser, Trustee Desrosiers
    Senior Staff Member:   Superintendent of Schools/CEO – Kevin Kaardal

  • Executive Staff Management Committee
    Chair:  Trustee Johnson
    Two Members:  Trustee Tiede (Board Chair) and Trustee Geistlinger

District Committees - 2023/2024:

  • District Early Years Partnership Committee
    (Staff Rep – Jamie Robinson, Assistant Superintendent)
    Meetings are Tuesdays (January 23, March 5, May 21) 3:30-5:00, Main Board Room
    Representative: Trustee Tiede                          
    Alternate: Trustee Guderyan                    
  • District Health Promoting Schools Committee
    (Staff Rep – Rhonda Ovelson, Director of Instruction, Feeding Futures)
    Meetings are Thursdays (January 11, March 14, May 2) 4:00-6:00, Main Board Room
    Representative: Trustee Guderyan                    
    Alternate: Trustee Broughton                   
  • District Human Rights Committee
    (Staff Rep – Raquel Steen, Assistant Superintendent)
    Meetings are Tuesdays (December 12, February 15, April 11) 4:00-5:30 pm, Main Board Room
    Representative: Trustee Johnson                       
    Alternate: Trustee Desrosiers                   
  • Public Education Awareness Committee
    (Staff Rep – Terry-Lee Beaudry, Deputy Superintendent)
    Meetings are Tuesdays (December 5, February 27, April 23, May 28) 4-5:30, Main Board Room
    Rotating:  Desrosiers, Fraser, Guderyan, Tiede

    ​District S​afe Schools Community Network
  • (Staff Rep – Sherri Roche, District Principal - Learning Support Services and Safer Communities)
    Meetings are Wednesdays (November 15, February 14, May 15) 9:00-10:30 by zoom
    Rotating:  Desrosiers, Geistlinger, Guderyan

Board Representation on Indigenous Education Council 2023/2024:

Trustee Desrosiers and Trustee Fraser
Alternate:  Trustee Guderyan​

Provincial Representative Assemblies - 2023/2024:

  • BCSTA Provincial Council
    Provincial Councillor:   Trustee Fraser
    Alternate:  Trustee Desrosiers
  • ​BCPSEA Representative Council
    Representative:  Trustee Broughton
    Alternate:  Trustee Guderyan

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